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Mission Statement: To reduce the nation’s dependence on polluting and non-renewable fuel sources by being the domestic choice in high quality renewable energy equipment and endeavoring to make these applications both economically attractive and technically simple.
Method: Manufacture and support company designed appliances for use with a variety of renewable energy sources. Provide our customers with great support and service, a minimized initial cost, a long reliable expected operational unit life, and a healthy return on investment.
Background: Purist Energy was founded in 2004 with the realization that though much of the technical aspects of renewable energy technologies had been researched and field tested, most installations still required significant installation costs and lacked uniformity and quality control of appliances. The first product for development is a line of prepackaged solar thermal appliances, reflecting the fact that water heating typically accounts for over 15% of residential energy consumption. Coupled with any of the various available solar collectors, these systems reduce the complexity of installation and can be self installed, installed by the conventional trades, or installed by solar-specialized trades..
Business planning, conceptual design, and initial market research.
Purist Energy, LLC incorporated. Website launched.
Purist Energy LLC was awarded a seed grant by the Maine Technology Institute (MTI). The funds will assist in R&D towards commercializing of solar thermal pumping stations. Four prototype units will utilize the latest technology in a uniquely all inclusive appliance, simplifying the installation of solar thermal systems for conventional trades, while making an effective renewable energy product affordable for consumers.
Installation and commissioning of Alpha prototype SPC unit completed at the Chewonki Foundation in Wiscasset, Maine. Alpha prototype SPS unit also installed at a residence in Kennebunkport, Maine.
Alpha prototypes performing well. Beta SPS units in progress.
4/05 Beta Prototype SPS-2-AC complete and first article installed at test site.
7/05 Product performance meets expectations. Production design released.
9/05 System displayed at Common Ground Fair with Energy Innovations. Booth awarded “Most Educational Display”.
10/05 Pilot production work in progress.
11/05 Purist Energy Staff receive Maine Solar Energy Installer Certification as required per Title 32 MRSA Chapter 87.
11/06 Release of first production SPS-2-AC units with Internet-capable controller released. Allows monitoring of solar systems on a PC with Internet monitoring and control.
4/07 300 SPS-2-AC Units in production !
11/07 First SPC–2-AC Commercial System ships to service 12 collectors.
12/07 Purist Energy Solar Pump Station was installed by Ray’s Plumbing of Ellsworth, ME in the “Extreme Home Makeover Home Edition” on ABC. (Ray-Smith Family)
1/08 Purist Energy to be features on TV show “The Green Team” on WPME and WPXT Portland for 50 shows.
1/08 SPS system included in an article about integrated solar hot water heating systems in the April/May issue of Homepower Magazine.


10/09 SPS-2-AC passes ETL testing requirements for UL73  and CSA379 standards.

11/09 SPS system  included in another article about integrated solar hot water heating systems in the Nov/Dec issue of Homepower Magazine.

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